Heroes Infinity

Heroes Infinity RPG Game

Heroes Infinity can be described as an amazing action RPG filled with heroic characters, challengers and obstacles, vicious creatures, and many more. This game is mostly played by teenagers and as well as adults between ages twenty to twenty five. This adventure game is quite impressive when it comes to playing since it is filled with challenges, enemies, and obstacles. Playing this stunning game will lead you to explore new cities, lands, and many adventurous places. All you got to do is build up your heroic team and achieve the great victory.

Many like to play strategy games on their TV. If you have Android TV box you can install this game play on your TV box. Support all most all Android TV boxes including Fire TV devices. If your Android TV does not have Google play store, you can use alternative methods like Filelinked and Aptoide TV to install Heroes Infinity game.

Features of Heroes Infinity

The famous battle field, Epic Gods War:

This is one of the famous battle fields on Heroes Infinity. This is a real time strategy battle field that includes dynamic effects and skill animations. You can unlock your most favorite heroic characters and build up a powerful team.

Heroes Infinity is a Strategic Game play:

There are power ups where you can use them to have instant powers when you are struggling with your enemies. As same as the power ups, there are also Tier Ups, Rank Ups, Gear Ups, and many more. This stuff will help your heroes to prepare for the fights, challenges, and obstacles in the War of Justice.

Provides many numbers of game modes:

The adventure mode plays the main role in Heroes Infinity since it helps the users to gain experience and level up by defeating enemies.

The Skyscraper challenge is a famous challenge that gives the experience to level up for difficult stuff.

You can collect the pieces of a hero’s shards from summoning their mystery. This is called Star Gates.

Training Field is the most important place when it comes to a challenging game. Training Field is the place where you can improve your skills, learn new skills and fight with your heroes so you can improve and many more. This is the most important place which helps you to gain victory.

Boss Party is another game mode where you can battle with legendary hero bosses and gain many unique rewards. This will also help you to level up.

Super Boss Mode is some kind of a battle where you should stay low key aiming the attention when your hero boss is near.

Heroes Infinity also introduces Dramatic PVP battles:

There is a special battle called 5 vs. 5 Battle, and in order to prove the strength of your team, you should fight. The winning team has the strongest heroes.

You can compare your team with the other hero teams in the leader board and come up even stronger by battling with other teams. This will help you to go to the top of PVP.

Guild and communicating:

You can form guilds with other players.

You can fight together with your friends and gain legendary and unique rewards.

What’s New with updates?

Well, there’s a new feature called Evil Boss. You better try it and see. Make sure to install this game using an app store to receive updates. You can use Play Store, AC Market or Aptoide.


Heroes Infinity is offered by DIVMOB and has officially released on the 9th of May 2017. The app belongs to the category of Adventure Games and has over 5 million downloads up to now. Challenging games are always better than kiddo types. Better Try!.

Some older and low-end smart phones may lag while playing. Don’t worry you can use any game booster application like Clean Master to close all opened apps and processors to free RAM and CPU workload.


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