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The Android devices have their own video player to play videos on the device. But the default player has no more features and can’t play lots of video formats nowadays. So you have to use another player for it. Playit App is one of the apps that you can use for this. It has lots of features than your default Android video player.


Playit for Android

Normally people always download a different video player to their Android device. That because Android player is not good in many ways. If you are searching for a good video player, you must try the Playit app. This epic video player consists of lots of features that other players do not have. Try downloading Playit Apk to your device and install it. See the difference between them.

Playit for PC

If you have tired of using the same old video player on your Windows PC then you should download and install Playit for PC app. This specially developed for PC after the huge popularity that gained from the Android version. So to install this app to your Windows PC you can visit the link here and download it. After that go to the setup open it. Select the location to install and click the install button. Within a few time, it will be installed on your Windows PC.

Playit for iOS

You can search Playit for iOS on the Appstore but you will not get any result. The reason for no results is Appstore does not has this app. Playit for iOS is still under development. So as an option for that you can try PlayOn which is a remarkable alternative. This app has lots of common features with the original app. So if you are an iPhone user you will not be disappointed.

playit apk download


Play what you want – Every video format available these days are compatible with Playit Video Player. All usual formats and rare ones.

Search Online Videos – If you are tired of watching the same old videos on your device you can find videos available on video sharing sites or Social media platforms. You can watch these videos on this app.

Audio Player – Say goodbye to your ordinary audio player. Playit has its own Audio Player that can play all of your songs in high quality.

How to Use Playit

Developers have done a great job by creating an amazingly user-friendly UI. When you open the app you will instantly load into a list of your all videos on your Android smartphone. Then you have the ability to open one of them with a simple tap on the screen and enjoy it. You can get all the audio as a list too.

Safety and Legality

Indian App developing company contributed Playit app to the Android world and people are loving it. You can trust the app because this is available on Google Play Store. For your information, Google Play Store only allows applications to their store after a good scan for malware and malicious content. Therefore, this app trustable is safe to use.

Final Words

People worldwide who are using Android smart devices use the Playit app as their default Video Player. This is free and use is very convenient.

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